Update #3


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  • NOTE: New client is out with this update, don't forget run the rebelionx launcher.
  • Clue keys added, all wilderness npcs have a chance to drop a key, which will give you a hint of where to dig with the key, beware you may have to fight an npc once dug.
  • Added a new teleport under wilderness "Crystal monsters" have the chance to drop new crystal armours, pickaxe and axe, including the blade of saeldor.
  • Added Daily task system, next update will bring in the shop.
  • Added more wilderness bosses.
  • Added trading post, find her near the home portal
  • Added figher torso to the warrior guild shop. (now can be obtained either pest control or warrior guild.)
  • Sigmund will now buy all/most items
  • New shop npc added at home (Runa), using a new currency named blood fragments gained from the volcano wilderness event.
  • Added a few new events in-game, you will notice them when they broadcast.
  • Added dragonstone armour and spiky manacles to easy and medium clue scrolls.
  • New npc Monstrous Basilisk added with the basilisks in fremmy dungeon that can drop basilisk jaw (used to make Nietiznot faceguard)
  • Added black tourmaline core to Gargoyles since we dont have the bosses yet, (used to make guardian boots)
  • Drakes claw can now be used on bandos boots to make Boots of brimstone.
  • you can now use hydra leather on barrows gloves to make ferocious gloves.
  • Most rare drops will now broadcast
  • Fixed alot of drops that was way too easy to obtain.(will also be working on drops live too)
  • Tournament is now every 3 hours and price is as following, 1st place: 5m, 2nd place: 2.5m and 3rd place: 1.25m.
  • Added Last man standing under minigame teleports, needs 8 players to start.
  • buffed pest control points a little.
  • Fixed the experience, drops and pets scroll, they will no longer remove the timer on logout/dc.


  • Removed blood money drops from revenants.
  • Fixed the rogue thieving chest that was giving a way too high of rewards.
  • Bloody merchant will now use ether as the shop currency, more items will be eventually added to the shop.
  • Donator rank + while using ring of wealth will auto loot coin caskets.
  • ::tournament and ::discord commands have been updated, they will now work how they're suppose to.
  • Added magical chest back to home, you will recover your items upon death from there.
  • Added more mining ores at the donator zone.
  • ::b for super donator rank (banks)

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