Update #2


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  • Added Astral runes to ironman shop at sigmund.
  • Mac will now reset your hitpoints level for the cost of 500k coins.
  • Normal attack, strength and defence pot added to ironman sigmund store.
  • 99 Magic cape ability can only be used 5 times a day now.
  • Ironmen can now use the pkpoints shop.
  • Portal of Legends (donator island) will now teleport you inside the revenant cave.
  • Motherlode mining pay-dirt will be mined faster.
  • Fixed the Dagannoth kings Aggro range.
  • Double exp scroll, rare pet scroll and rare drop scroll will stay on upon logout.
  • Added presets to work at donator skilling island.
  • Added more items into the slayer points rewards shop.

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